Training and Skills Development

Traineeship & Apprentice Programs

The Service Station Association through the MTA can assist in the provision of training solutions to help your people gain new skills, knowledge, confidence and capabilities to improve personal performance and enhance business success.

Traineeships and Apprenticeships, collectively known as "Australian Apprenticeships" are a Government initiative that provides employers and employees with a great opportunity to undertake structured training towards a nationally recognised qualification at no cost.

The training undertaken covers every aspect of the retail environment including Console Operation, Customer Service and Merchandising. Security and OH&S are also included which may assist employers with their ‘duty of care’. Furthermore this training is conducted on-site or in-house to minimise any disruptions to normal working operations and eliminates the necessity for you to send staff to external courses.

Group Training

Group training provides another option for taking on trainees.

For further information about the Service Station Association’s Training Services contact us.

The services detailed within this brochure may be supplied by the Service Station Association or one of its Business Partners. The information contained in this brochure is current as at 15.01.07. Prices, benefits and services are subject to change at any time without notice. Please check with your representative for full and current details.